Buri Ram

If you want to plan a trip to Buriram and start looking up “Buriram” online, you might be surprised that the top results are not the tourist attractions in the province but their football (soccer) team. However, that is not the only thing Burirum is known for. This beautiful northeastern province sitting on top of extinct volcanoes has much more to offer.

Starting from the provincial seal and even on the Buriram United’s team logo, the Phanom Rung Historical Park could easily be the most stunning Khmer-influenced historical site in Thailand. Among 60 other gorgeous ruins peppered all around the province such as the Ku Suan Taeng and Nong Hong sanctuaries, Phanom Rung is the only one on its way to become UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Every year in April there is a big celebration called “Phanom Rung Festival” where you can enjoy learning its history through the light and sound presentations as well as cultural performances and parades.

If Phanom Rung is not enough cultural experience for you, try the Lower Northeastern Cultural Center where you can spend the whole day learning about geography, history, tradition, art, local intellect, and even science. Moreover for nature-lovers, the bird park at the Huai Talat Reservoir is an ideal place to observe many species of birds both local and migrant.

Before you head back, pick up some hand-woven fabric from the silk weaving village in Na Pho District. After watching the whole delicate process of silk making, you can try spinning the thread by yourself. But most important of all, you need to try some salted crispy silk worms. They do come in different flavors just to help you top off your authentic Thai experience.


By Car

From Bangkok, use Highway No. 1 (Phaholyothin) and turn right in Saraburi onto Highway No. 2, 224, and 24 respectively. In Nang Rong district, make a left turn onto Highway No. 218 reaching Buriram. The total distance is 419 kilometers.

By Bus:

Bus number 32 from the Northern (Mo Chit) Bus Terminal

Buri Ram
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