Mutsea Mountain View Point
Mutsea Mountain View Point
Na Cha-ang, Mueang, Chumphon
Open Everyday

Chumphon is a city full of fertile natural resources, beautiful old town architecture, and astonishing cultures. You might need a long time to take a tour around the province to see all of these. But if you want to see the complete picture at once, Mutsea Mountain View Point is exactly what you need.
Located right above the Chumphon river mouth, Mutsea Mountain View Point offers a breathtaking view of the whole Chumphon province including the shimmering ocean and the islands dotted on its blue surface, the fishermen at work, the coconut and rubber plantations, the places of worship, the town structure as well as the locals’ simple way of life. Photo spots arranged about the area are perfect for keeping long-lasting memories through photograph.
Once you are up here, you cannot miss the Tam Sing Coffee Shop where Chumphon’s fresh brewed coffee and the traditional bird’s nest drink are served. You can choose to enjoy them while walking around refreshing your lungs with the fresh air or relaxing at one of the “sky bar” spots set up right on the edge of the mountain. There is also an image of the Guan Yin Bodhisattva sitting gracefully on the mountainside to bless the visitors and passerbys with good luck and safe voyage.
This spot is not too far from the city center and is visited by almost all Chumphon visitors. Whether it is a coincidence or not, Mutsea Mountain View Point is absolutely Chumphon’s “Must See.”

Mutsea Mountain View Point
1 Wat Pak Nam Chumporn
2 Mutsea Mountain View Point
3 Pharadonphap Beach

By Car
From Chumphon city center, follow Highway No. 4001 (Chumphon-Pak Nam Chumphon) toward Hat Sai Ri and turn right at the main intersection on Highway No. 4119. After proceeding about 800 meters uphill, there will be a road sign at the entrance on the right.