Chumphon River Mouth
Chumphon River Mouth
Pak Nam, Mueang, Chumphon
Open Everyday

Lit up all day and night by the headlights of the boats filled with fish and native fishermen shouting in local dialect, many visitors are able to tell from the first glance that the Chumphon River Mouth is not just the main economy hub of the province, but also a center of culture, traditional lifestyle, and pride for the homeland.
“Pak Nam Chumphon” used to serve only as a pier for fishing boats to unload and sell their catch to restaurants or fishmongers to bring to the market. But as tourists’ demand for fresh seafood increases, the Chumphon River Mouth has become such a popular stop even more than some famous markets or fishing villages. Other than a large selection of “fresh off the boat” seafood that you will find here, there are processed products like dried squid, shrimp paste, and salted fish in fancy packages to bring home as well.
On the right side of the market are the beach and the public park across the road. It is another hot spot that tourists like to relax and get beautiful 180º shots of the bay while locals use it as a place to exercise. It also offers free outdoor showers for after swimming in the sea. Moreover, restaurants on this road are renowned for lip-smacking meals at reasonable prices. You will never find better and cheaper food than around here.
However, the charm of Chumphon River Mouth does not lie entirely on the tasty food, the spectacular view of the beach, or the people’s colorful floating homes. It also comes in the way of life that is rarely seen elsewhere in the province or even the country. Those should be enough reasons for you to put this place on your list to visit.

Chumphon River Mouth
1 Pak Nam Chumporn
2 Wat Pak Nam Chumporn

By Car
From Chumphon city center, follow Highways No. 4001 and 4119 for 13 kilometers. It is a straight shot with no turn.