Tung Wua Laen Beach
Tung Wua Laen Beach
Sa Pli, Pathiu, Chumphon
Open Everyday

You may not believe it but to have a beautiful beach in Thailand all to yourself nowadays is still possible if you know where to go and today is your lucky day.
Hat Tung Wua Lean is a quiet beach located only 16 kilometers away from Chumphon. “Wua Laen” in Thai means “running cow” which describes the condition of the wide beach where cows can run around and play (if they wish to). Another legend mentions a group of hunter that shot a big bull down on this beach. When they were about to skin the bull and share the meat, it suddenly got up and ‘ran’ away. The statue of the bull at the entrance proves the locals’ belief in this folktale.
Hat Tung Wua Laen is perfect for swimming with the beach that gradually slopes down to meet the clear water and the waves that are generally not too aggressive. Some professional kitesurfers also practice their skills here. Often in the evening, you can see families picnic along the waterside and kids playing nearby. On the south side of the beach stands a small hill called Po Bae. This rocky area is a great snorkeling spot as it is abundant in sea algae, sea flowers, coral reefs, and several species of colorful marine animals.
If you are looking for a quiet getaway, Hat Tung Wua Laen is your answer. Restaurants and accommodations in the area are run by local people and very fair in quality and low in budget. Bring a friend or a family member with you because if not, you easily could be the only tourist there on a good day.

Tung Wua Laen Beach
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By Car
From Chumphon city center, follow Highway No. 3180 for 16 kilometers. When reaching the T-junction, take a right and continue for 2 kilometers and you will arrive at the destination.