Hat Laem Sing
Hat Laem Sing
Pak Nam Laem Sing, Laem Sing, Chanthaburi
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If you have been in Thailand for a while, you should have already learned the meaning of the word “Sing.” Yes, it is the same thing as the brand beverage. Sing or “lion” gives the name to Hat Laem Sing according to a folktale. Ask any local and they will tell you the story of a pair of lions that used to live on the Laem Sing Mountain but were killed by a group of French soldiers back in the age of colonization. After they died, both of them transformed into 2 giant lion-shaped rocks standing gracefully near the beach facing the ocean to protect the people and the area until today.

Hat Laem Sing is where the Chanthaburi River empties into the Gulf of Thailand and it is only a small part of Khao Laem Sing Forest Park. Another most iconic structure at Hat Laem Sing is the pavilion on the beach where you can use as a hideaway from the sun while letting the sea breeze play with your hair. Along the beach there are different styles of restaurants and shops for you to eat and pick a souvenir under the shade of pine trees.

Other than swimming, hitting the waves on a banana boat, and biking along the beach, visitors can hire a long tail boat to Chula Island or Krathing Bay to snorkel among many kinds of corals and marine lives. Each only takes 20 minutes from Hat Laem Sing. However, there is no restaurant or accommodation at these places. Fill up your stomach before you jump on the boat and come back before the sun goes down.

Hat Laem Sing
1 Tuk Daeng
2 Kook Kee Kai
3 Beach
4 Romklao Park

By Car
Laem Sing Beach is approximately 30 kilometers from Chanthaburi. Follow Sukhumvit road heading to Trat province and turn right onto Highway No. 3149 at the 347th kilometer marker. Proceed for 16 kilometers until you reach the destination.