Koong Viman Beach
Koong Viman Beach
Sanamchai, Naya-am, Chanthaburi
Open Everyday

Hidden in its own bay with a small local community, Koong Viman is a quiet beach perfect for those who truly seek for relaxation. During the low season, you can even almost have the whole beach to yourself. Although the sand is not bright white as compared to other dreamy beaches, Koong Viman is covered with golden brown sand creating warm scenery and a harmonious atmosphere we guarantee you will love.
Things around Koong Viman go at their own slow pace. There are usually not too many tourists, thus not many hotels, restaurants, or bars. Beach umbrellas are rarely seen as most people can use pines and oaks that grow along the shore to shade themselves from the sun. The only area that you are allowed to swim is the north side to the middle of the beach while the far north and the south sides are rocky and dangerous for swimming. Nevertheless they are excellent for fishing.
Getting here is not hard as it is located only 30 kilometers from Chanthaburi. Moreover, the road that lies along Koong Viman beach, the Chaloem Burapha Chonlathit Road, is named the most beautiful route of eastern Thailand and is one of Tourism Authority of Thailand’s 10 Dreams Destinations. It stretches as far as 111 kilometers connecting Chonburi and Chanthaburi together. One side of the road is the beach and another is the mountain passing many impressive viewpoints like the Laem Son, Laem Sing, Chanthaburi River Mouth as well as the famous Nuen Nang Phaya. It is also a bicycle-friendly route but if you do not want to bring your bike, put on some tunes and roll down the window as you drive on this road. We are sure you will get the same memorable experience.

Koong Viman Beach
View Point

By Car
Follow Sukhumvit road from Bangkok and turn right onto Highway No. 3399 at the 301st kilometer marker. When you see the Dolphin roundabout, keep going straight for about 3 kilometers and you will arrive at the center of Koong Viman beach.