King Taksin Public Park
King Taksin Public Park
Tha Luang Road, Wat Mai, Mueang, Chanthaburi
Open Everyday 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

The King Taksin Public Park covers the area of 300 Rais in the heart of Chanthaburi province. It is a popular place for locals to relax and also used during the province’s annual festival every year.

Inside the park, there is a large lagoon that does not only add a chill feeling to the park, but is also utilized by the province’s fishery department to breed aquatic animals. The overall atmosphere is pleasant and cool from numerous types and sizes of plants arranged in different beautiful gardens. With the fresh breeze of Chanthaburi, this park is an ideal place to exercise or picnic all through the day.

Once you are here, one of the must do activities is to visit the monument of King Taksin the Great on a horse fighting in a battle alongside 4 of his warlords, Phra Chiang Ngern, Luang Pichai Asa, Luang Prom-sena, and Luang Raj-saneha. It was built in remembrance of King Taksin the Great’s decision to choose Chanthaburi as the base to assemble his forces before declaring the independence of Siam after the second fall of Ayutthaya. This elegant monument also appears on the 20-Baht notes issued in 1981 and can still be seen today.

After paying respect to one of the greatest kings of Thailand, you can visit the country’s largest gem market on Srichan Road located nearby. The best hours to experience the serious gem business atmosphere is Friday – Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

King Taksin Public Park
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By Car
The park is located on the Tha Luang Road across from the Chanthaburi capital building. From the Tha Luang – Phrata Trang intersection, follow the Thaluang Road for 200 meters toward the Leab Mueang Road, you will find the park on the left hand side.