Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok)
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A small sanctuary called “Ban Phluang Castle” looking east was built in the Baphuon style. The castle was built of white sandstone on a laterite base ...more
Ancient golden brocade silk fabric of Ban Tha Sawang is very famous, especially when the weavers from this village were appointed to produce the golde...more
Phetchabun’s symbolical tree is tamarind which should give you at least a small clue about what you cannot miss while in this province. Thanks to its ...more
If you seek peace of mind, Phanom Sawai Forest Park is one for your list. It is a place where Buddhists travel to visit and show their religious devot...more
“Wat Lamphaya,” built in 1857, has been in this community for over a hundred and fifty years. The temple is situated with Luang Phor Mongkol Malanimit...more
Chan Royal Palace is an ancient palace located on the western side of the Nan River, to the north of Phitsanulok City. It was the birthplace of King N...more
Heading southwards to Satun, it’s not only about the sea As Satun is right on the Andaman Sea, its stunningly beautiful seascapesare never a disap...more
Although not as famous as the Phanom Rung Castel, Prasat Muang Tam is another gorgeous Khmer ruin in Buriram that you will not regret seeing. Moreover...more
You may not believe it but to have a beautiful beach in Thailand all to yourself nowadays is still possible if you know where to go and today is your ...more
Chulabhorn Dam (also known as Nam Phrom) is an important tourist attraction of Chaiyaphum. This dam was built to block the flow of the Phrom River on ...more
Thai women are known to be beautiful, however specifically in Ratchaburi the ladies are known to be drop-dead gorgeous. If that is not a convincing en...more
More often than not, tourists visit Thailand for its beautiful beaches but often end up at a jam-packed spot where it is impossible to appreciate the ...more