Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok)
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If you are looking for a romantic trip to make your life sweeter, “Hat Saen Suk Lampam” is the choice for you. The romantic scene is set, from the lar...more
For a long time, Wat Phra Putthabat Khao Samor Khlang had been a deserted temple. Then in 1953, monks began to live and practice religion in the templ...more
Phetchabun’s symbolical tree is tamarind which should give you at least a small clue about what you cannot miss while in this province. Thanks to its ...more
If you seek peace of mind, Phanom Sawai Forest Park is one for your list. It is a place where Buddhists travel to visit and show their religious devot...more
Thung Prong Thong is the biggest mangrove forest of Rayong. In the past, it was a local agricultural and fishing area of Ban Samae Phu community, Pak ...more
This green building is called “Green Palace.” It was previously the residence of the Chaiyaphum governor. This place was recorded in history in the mo...more
Thai women are known to be beautiful, however specifically in Ratchaburi the ladies are known to be drop-dead gorgeous. If that is not a convincing en...more
The stunning island of Ko Chang famous for its magnificent beaches and natural resources under the sea is surely a popular destination for beach lover...more
Nature lovers should not miss visiting Pa Hin Ngam National Park, located on the Phang Hoei Mountain Range at an attitude of 300-846 meters above the ...more
Although not as famous as the Phanom Rung Castel, Prasat Muang Tam is another gorgeous Khmer ruin in Buriram that you will not regret seeing. Moreover...more
Emotional fulfilment in Rayong If you have a little free time for a weekend holiday, or if you want to have a relaxing trip not too far with an ab...more
Nearly every Thai has learned Sunthon Phu's poems in Thai language class. Sunthon Phu Monument is a required visit when you come to Rayong. Sunthon Ph...more