Chiang Khan Walking Street
Chiang Khan Walking Street
Chiang Khan, Chiang Khan, Loei
Open Saturday - Sunday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

With a perfect mix of the traditional way of life and a little of modern atmosphere, Chiang Khan is a perfect destination if you are looking for a comfortable and fun cultural experience.
From dawn to dust, you will never find yourself bored in Chiang Khan. To begin the day, Phu Thok will offer you the best panoramic view for the sunrise. You will also get to see the sea of clouds that covers the sleepy town below making you feel like you are in Wonderland. Once you come down from the mountain, get in line to participate in the alms offering ceremony. The activities you can do during the day include visiting the many gorgeous temples around town, walking on the Gaeng Kut Kuu, as well as biking along the river. When the night falls, get busy shopping for food and creative gifts and souvenir on the walking streets. Most of these shops are only open until 9 pm so do not get distracted by all the fascinating things you will see.

Hidden in a valley near the Khong River on the far side of Loei bordering Lao, most visitors prefer to stay overnight at Chiang Khan than make it a day trip. This way they do not have to squeeze traveling in one day and able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Chiang Khan provides a great number of accommodations from cute little homestay rooms in traditional teakwood homes to high class resorts on the riverside. They come in different styles and prices to fit your budget.

We cannot define what really is the magic of Chiang Khan. Many say it is the old town atmosphere, some say it is the hospitality of the Chiang Khanians, while others say it is the stunning culture, views, food, and everything else. Give this little town a visit and find out for yourself.

Chiang Khan Walking Street
1 Wat Phon Chai
2 Wat Phu Chang Noi
3 Wat Sri Khun Mueang
4 Wat Santi
5 Wat Pa Klang
6 Wat Mahathat
7 Wat pa Tai
8 Wat Sri Panommat
9 Wat Thakok

By Car
From Bangkok, follow Highway No. 1 (Phaholyothin), turn onto Highway No. 21 heading to Phetchabun, and finally Highway No. 203 passing Lomsak District heading to Loei province. Once you are in Loei, follow the signs to Chiang Khan District. The total distance is approximately 600 kilometers.
By Bus:
Direct buses from Bangkok to Chiang Khan are available twice a day at 8 PM and 10 PM from Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Call (02) 9362841-8 for more information.