Phra That Si Song Rak
Phra That Si Song Rak
Dan Sai, Dan Sai, Loei
Open Everyday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thailand and Laos have been siblings since the dawn of time. In 1560, this strong bond was proved when the two countries agreed to join their forces and stood against the ancient Burmese troop’s invasion together, leading to the creation of the important historical site, Phra That Si Song Rak.
This Lao style Chedi standing on a hill by the Man River in modern-day Loei used to mark the border between Ayutthaya and Lan Xang Kingdoms. It was here where King Chai Chetta and King Maha Chakkraphat gave an honor word that they will not invade each other’s territory. A stone inscription was also made in that sacred event as an evidence and is now kept in Vientiane.
Song Rak in Thai means “love of the two” so other than representing the unity of the Thai and the Lao people, Phra That Si Song Rak is also believed to make people’s love wishes come true. Lovers come here to pray for everlasting love and single people ask for good luck in finding true love.
Before you plan to visit Phra That Si Song Rak, plan your outfit well because people do not wear anything red around here. They believe that red is the color of blood and war, which conflicts with the purpose of the place. Also keep in mind that this is a religious venue so shorts, sleeveless shirts and low-cuts are frowned upon.

Phra That Si Song Rak
Phra That Si Song Rak

By Car
From Loei, use Highway No. 203 (Loei- Phu Rua) and turn right at the 66th kilometer marker onto Highway No. 2013. Proceed for 15 kilometers until you reach Dan Sai District, then turn right onto Highway No. 2113. After 1 kilometer, you will reach the destination.