Lampang Cultural Street
Lampang Cultural Street
Wiang Nua, Mueang, Lampang
Open Friday 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Open Sunday 7:00 am

Lampang Cultural Street is also known as Wang Nuea Road. It is located right outside the old remains of the city wall and received its name from the great effort that the community put into protecting their history and culture for the next generations.
Apart from the town gate that defended Thailand from the enemies in the past, other significant historical sites include Gu Jao Ya Suta, the gorgeous arch doorway of Wat Kak Kaew, and the viharn of Wat Pratu Pong with the elegant Lanna architecture. You will also see horse carriages running along this road as the prime mode of transportation that survived the industrialization era and still exists as a charm of Lampang today.
The highlight of this street is on Friday nights when the walking street called “Kad Mua Kua Lang” happens. Here, you will find the usual stuff offered at other walking streets (or less) but it is as authentic and down-to-earth as any “Kad” could be. The locals sell anything they can just to get out and interact with each other and visitors while showing the pride they have for their hometown. Do not be surprised if you see an entire stall filled with red garlic or lettuce. And do not be shocked if you see these items presented not on a table but on a straw mat or banana leaves on the footpath. This is what “traditional” really looks like.
On Sunday morning if you wake up early enough, do not miss the chance to get out here again and see the morning market or “Kad Mua Kua Ngai.” Other than being the best place to get breakfast, you can also observe and participate in alms offering to the monk. It is a beautiful sight rarely seen elsewhere nowadays. This street may not look as lively and full of tourists as other walking streets you would see in Thailand’s major cities. But if you want to learn the real Lampang or Lanna way, this is where it is at.

Lampang Cultural Street
1 Market
2 Joun Poowa
3 Wat Srilorm
4 Wat Pratupong
5 Wat Pratudunphung

By Car
From Lampang, use the Superhighway Lampang-Ngao heading to Chiang Rai. At the Keland Nakhon intersection, turn left and go across the Kelang Nakhon Bridge, the Cultural Road will be on the left hand side.