Chae Son National Park
Chae Son National Park
Chae Son, Mueang Pan, Lampang
Open Everyday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fees Adults 200 THB Children 100 THB
Bathroom Rental Prices
Private rooms 50 THB
Shared pools 20 THB
Outdoor Pool 10 THB

Other national parks in Thailand may be known for their magnificent waterfalls, Chae Son National Park in Lampang province however is quite different. Its natural mineral pools and hot springs over the uncommon rocky terrain make it stand out from the rest.
These famous hot springs emerge water of 70-80 degree Celsius from deep in the earth meaning you can have a hardboiled egg within 15 minutes if you wish. For a healthy hot spring bath, visitors can rent a bathroom from the park’s service. There are many styles of hot bath to accommodate your need: private rooms, rooms with a small pool for 3-4 people, shared shower rooms, and a shared outdoor pool. The hot mineral water in these bathrooms is supplied by the pipe directly connected to the hot springs. Apart from the relaxation of muscles and mind, this thermal water is also known to have medical benefits. It is proved to improve your blood flow, cure some skin diseases, and promote healthy bones. Nevertheless, be sure to avoid drinking the water as it contains higher contents of some minerals than what the human body needs.
If the hot spring is too hot for you, you can cool down in the fresh flowing water and appreciate the nature at Namtok Mae Mawn, Namtok Mae Koon, and Namtok Pha Ngam – all not too far from the park office. During January and February, visitors also like to drive through the Chae Son-Ban Par Miang to enjoy the blooming of Dok Siew, wild flowers native to this land.

Chae Son National Park
1 Kewlom Dam
2 Service Center
3 Chae Son Waterfall
4 Maekhun Waterfall
5 Doi Langga Luang
6 Look Koh Cave
7 Pha Ngam Cave
8 Nam Cave

By Car
1) From Lampang, take Highway No. 1035 (Lampang-Chae Hom). Turn left at the 58th kilometer marker to get on Highway No. 1287 heading to Mueang Pan District. Then, take a right turn at the T-junction onto Highway No. 1252 (Khuang Kom-Pang Faen) for around 11 kilometer. You will find the park’s entrance on the left. Follow the Ro Pho Cho Road for another 3 kilometers and you will arrive at the park headquarter.
2) From Chiang Mai, use Highway No. 1006 through San Kamphaeng District onto the San Thuai Kaeo-Ban Mae Kampong Road. You will past Ban Pa Miang before reaching the park headquarter.
By Bus
The bus service on the Lampang-Chae Son Line is available on Talat Kao Road from 8 AM – 6 PM.