Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand’s – Mae Moh, Lampang
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand’s – Mae Moh, Lampang
Mae Moh, Mae Moh, Lampang
Open Everyday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
The museum is closed on Mondays

Not too long ago, just about 40 million years, Mother Nature had decided to put a very useful natural resource in Mae Moh District, Lampang province. In 1953, its discovery led to the construction of a power plant with the largest lignite mine in the country, the EGAT – Mae Moh plant.
However, it is not only the industrial development that the plant brings to the area, but also a vast beautiful space that can be used for recreational purposes, a center of education, as well as job opportunities for the local people. The botanical garden renovated from the waste land and the lignite museum are local students’ favorite places to find information for their school projects and learn more about their homeland. There is also the interpretation center for international tourists available at these places free of charge.
The Bua Tong view point on top of the artificial mountain offers great scenery for visitors to take pictures and overlook the whole operation. If you wish to stay overnight in the mine, accommodations and restaurants are located near the golf course. Another spot that you absolutely cannot miss is the grassy slope in front of the museum. You can rent out sleds to speed down the hill while having a memorable time with friends or family. Do not be shy; you can never be too old to have fun here.
Even though this huge mine takes up 20,000 Rais (7,907 acres) and has enough coal to be used for the next half decade, we still need to be aware that this natural resource can not last forever. Let EGAT – Mae Moh give you a delightful vacation as well as be your inspiration to save power, conserve nature, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand’s – Mae Moh, Lampang
4 Mine
7 Pruksachat Garden
9 Information Center
10 Food Court
12 Golf Club
13 Thung Bua Tong Garden

By Car
From Lampang, follow Highway No. 1 (Lampang-Chiang Rai) and turn right onto Highway No. 11 (Lampang-Den Chai) at kilometer marker 601. Turn left at kilometer marker 10 and continue for 10 kilometers. When you reach the District’s governmental office, proceed for 6 kilometers you will reach the destination.