Wat Pong Sanuk
Wat Pong Sanuk
Wiang Nuea, Mueang, Lampang
Open Everyday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Since the construction 1,334 years ago, Wat Pong Sanuk or Wat Pong Sanuk Nuea has been a very important temple of Lampang and is Thailand’s only monastery with the “Award of Merit” from UNESCO in 2008. Its other crucial role is the place of enshrinement for Lampang’s first city pillar before it was moved to the old capital building and remains there until the present.
The main Chedi of Wat Pong Sanuk is known to be as ancient as the famous golden Chedi of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai which is around 500 years old. The Chao Panong Viharn displays a very venerable style of fine art that allows Wat Pong Sanuk to be a precious museum with artifacts like the Wooden Buddha image, swan posts, delicate semicircle door arches, mythology painting on fabrics and mulberry paper, ancient Tripitaka chest, and a large Albino Elephant flag – an old Thai flag since the reign of King Rama VI.
Moreover, this temple also houses the Reclining Buddha Viharn along with Thailand’s only cruciform-shaped Viharn which is the mix of the Thai-Lanna, Chinese, and Burmese architectures. Not only is a sacred place of worship, Wat Pong Sanuk also a beautiful art and architecture gallery that is worth paying a visit.

Wat Pong Sanuk
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By Car
From Lampang City Center or the Clock Tower intersection, follow the road toward the Chiang Rai Temple. At the White Chicken roundabout, take a left turn and cross the Pattana Pak Nuea Bridge then continue until you reach an intersection. Proceed for 500 meters and turn right, you will find the temple straight ahead.