Si Nan National Park
Si Nan National Park
Srisaket, Na Noi, Nan
Open Everyday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fees Adults 100 THB Children 50 THB

Tourists usually visit Nan Province for a cultural experience of seeing Thai traditional way of life. But, in fact, Nan also provides a dazzling natural experience from its enchanting nature and lush forests that will make your trip unforgettable.
Sri Nan National Park extends its reach to areas of Wiang Sa, Na Noi, and Na Muen Districts. The mountainous feature of this park consists of hill evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, and pine forest. Moreover, both sides of the river are also covered by mixed and deciduous forests. It is this extremely prolific environment that makes Sri Nan National Park home for rare wild lives such as peacocks, leopards, black panthers, forest elephants, Bantengs, and Gaurs.
One of visitors’ favorite spots to watch sunrises and sunsets is Doi Samur Dao. Families and lovers come here to picnic and enjoy their time with the background of sea mist in the morning and starlight at night. If you want a panoramic view, try Pha Hua Sing, a cliff that looks like a crouching lion ready to take a leap into the east. It also offers a trail for hiking and a little bit of climbing. Finally, “Pha Choo.” Even though the name means “paramour,” couples love to come here for a romantic view of fog sea and the sparkling Nan River.
There are 3 campsites in the park but you have to bring your own equipment. They are on the peaks of Doi Samur Dao, Pha Choo, and Pa Son Field. Food shops are available but make sure to not leave any plastic wraps behind.

Si Nan National Park
1 Saodin Nanoi
2 Pha Hua Singha
3 Kang Luang

By Car
From Bangkok, you will drive pass Nakhon Sawan and Phitsanulok until you reach Phrae province. From Phrae, take Highway No. 101 (Yantrakitkosol) to Wiang Sa District. Then turn right onto Highway No. 1026 (Jao Fah) heading to Nai Noi District for 35 kilometers. At the intersection, take a left turn onto Highway No. 1083 (Na Noi-Pang Hi) and continue for another 5 kilometers until you reach the park office.
By Bus
Take a bus from Mo Chit to Nan and get off at Wiang Sa District. Then take a Wiang Sa-Na Noi-Na Muen local bus line to Ban Mai junction. From there, transfer onto another bus to get to the park.