Nakhon Pathom

Close to the eye, close to the mind: Nakhon Pathom

In just the blink of an eye is how far Nakhon Pathom is to Bangkok. That is why Nakhon Pathom is a popular place to visit for the people of Bangkok. It is also a destination of food lovers;a place where Bangkokians come almost every week to sample its delicious foods. Right from entering Salaya Subdistrict, delicious food places are not far to reach. Don Wai Floating Market on the Tha Chin river offers plenty of varied dishes to try or take back home. Lam Phaya Floating Market, the centreof villagers' farm products, sells cheap goods. You can find here plenty of pomelo, the famous fruit of Nakhon Pathom. Its taste and price are very “tourist friendly.”

The important landmark of Nakhon Pathom is Phra Pathom Chedi, an important sanctuary enshrined with Gautama Buddha's relics. This huge stupa is located in the middle of the city and is a spiritual centre that can be seen from almost every corner of the city. After paying homage to the stupa, don't forget to try some delicious foods at the night market here. It is a must for food lovers.

Nakhon Pathom is also host to many interesting museums and check-in points. The outdoor exhibitions of the Thai Film Archive are sets for big movie fans and the stories behind them. Woodland Mueangmai, awood carvings museum, is not far from the first stop. Jesada Technik Museum exhibits the story of cars and autos. The Owl Art Museum is no less interesting and because of its proximity, many people from Bangkok visit Nakhon Pathom regularly, each time forming a new impression. So, what kind of food would you like to try next time you visit Nakhon Pathom?


By Car

Nakhon Pathom connects to the Bangkok metro, so there are many routes by which to get there. Boromarajonani Road is the nearest. Taking this road, you will pass Salaya Sub-district and Nakhon Chai Si District, and then proceed on to Nakhon Pathom.

- From Petchkasem Road, you will pass Sam Phran District.

- From Pathum Thani, take Highway No. 346 to Bang Len District and Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom.

By Bus

The Transport Co., Ltd., offers normal buses (rot thamada) and air-conditioned buses (rot air) to Nakhon Pathom daily. For more information, contact the Transport Co., Ltd.,by calling 1490, or check

By Train

There are trains to Nakhon Pathom daily. You can check the train time table at, or call 1690.

Nakhon Pathom
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