Kiriwong Village
Kiriwong Village
Kamlon, Laan Saka, Nakhon Si Thammarat
Open Everyday

Hidden in the forested mountains with a small creek cutting across the village and the people’s way of life that seems to come right out of a fairy tale, Baan Kiriwong is just the ticket if you are looking for the authentic “Thainess” of fifty to a hundred years ago.
Apart from the spectacular view, Kiriwong also holds its beauty in the simple lifestyle with the major economy revolving around fruit farms and local products from the nature, and the main social structure relying deeply on the foundation of a family. It is a normal sight to see people walking across the wood bridge with a small bucket to take a bath in the creek, kids riding a bike to school, and moms cooking on a coal earth oven. The benevolent hospitality the people have for each other is proved to be the most effective way to warm up the community in some cold Kiriwong mornings.
There are guided tours available at different lengths and prices for you to learn and be a part of the Kiriwong ways. The village divides itself up into 6 smaller career groups using H.M. the King’s Self-Sufficiency Economy Principles. They are responsible for making tie-dyed fabric, herbal products, coconut shells-woven products, processed fruit juice, wine, as well as Durian jam. You will get the opportunity to get your hands on the project from the start to the very last process. Otherwise, you can hire a guide to summit the Khao Luang peak which also takes a day or two out of your trip.
However old-school and basic, the Kiriwong village is self-sustainable without any need for assistance from the government or NGO’s. It is impossible to not fall in love with this place. Try, and you will learn that simple really is the new black.

Kiriwong Village
1 Fruit Market
2 The Headman
3 History House
4 Weaving group
5 Supply Centers
6 Leaves Group

By Car
From Nakhon Si Thammarat, use Highway No. 4016 and turn left onto 4015. At kilometer marker 9th, take a right turn toward Kiriwong Village. Continue for 9 kilometers, you will reach the destination.