Namtok Yong Natioal Park
Namtok Yong Natioal Park
Tham Yai, Thung Song, Nakhon Si Thammarat
Open Everyday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Fees Adults 200 THB Children 100 THB

Namtok Yong Natioal Park with a local nickname “Namtok Yong Sai Yai” is ringed within high mountain ridges with the highest peak at Khao Mhen, 1,235 meters above sea level. These mountains are covered in lush tropical rainforest and mixed forest, home for rare species of plants and watershed of many important river basins of the region such as the Ta Phi, the Pak Panang, and the Trang basins. In 2010 this famous park of Nakhon Si Thammarat received a Thailand Tourism Award for its outstanding performance as a tourist attraction making it one of the best destinations in Southern Thailand.
Namtok Yong or Yong Waterfall which gives its name to the park, of course, is the most popular place to visit here. It is only 300 meters away from the park headquarter. The special characteristic is defined by the rapid steam dropping from the high cliff down to the vast pool below full of local fish, Mahseer barbs. You can enjoy hiking here as well because this fall is made up of 7 tiers. Namtok Plio is a little bit further, 3 kilometers from the office. There are also 7 tiers here but the 3rd, 5th, and 7th tiers are the most recommended. Other options are Namtok Khlong Chang, Namtok Nan Chon, and Namtok Kuha Sawan.
For a mind-blowing sky view, you need to check out the Khao Mhen peak. It is a 5-kilometer trek to reach the top but the uncommon plant species along the way will make it feel much shorter. Another option would be the Kuha Sawan peak. It is located in the easternmost side of the park with an only 3-kilometer hiking trail. The Ram Rom peak is a popular site for its picturesque morning sea mist as well as seasonal wild orchids.
It is generally rainy all year Nakhon Si Thammarat thus the best time to visit Namtok Yong is during January to May.

Namtok Yong Natioal Park
1 Khlongjang Waterfall
2 Mhain Mountain
3 Yong Waterfall

By Car
After you arrive at the Thung Song District, use Highway No. 403 and turn left at the Rajamangala University of Technology Srivichai. Continue for another 3 kilometers and until you reach the park.