Si Khit National Park
Si Khit National Park
Si Khit, Sichol, Nakhon Si Thammarat
Open Everyday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Fees Adults 400 THB Children 200 THB

In the past, Si Khit used to be called “Phi Khit” with “Phi” meaning ghost. It is because this area used to be a dense forest abounded in wild animals, making it a scary place to explore. Even though the origin of this park’s name is quite spooky, its astonishing nature will tell you otherwise.
Si Khit National Park covers approximately 90,625 Rais (145 square kilometers) and lays a drainage divide parting Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani provinces from each other. It is located within the chain of Nakhon Si thammarat Mountains which are made of limestone, creating stunning natural features such as limestone waterfalls and rocky caves.
Over the years within these wet caves, stalagmites and stalactites have developed, outlining an exquisite home for Giant Jungle Toads (Asian Giant Toads). You will need a park ranger to guide you into these areas for both yours and the animals’ safety. Khao Phap Pha Cave is only 5 kilometers away from the park office. It is a small cave with a depth of 50 meters. Koram Cave is situated on the cliff above the first park station. From there you will get a sight of the flourishing rainforest below. This is where serows are observed and reported frequently. But if you wish to see smaller mammals, Suan Prang Cave is known for being the “Bats Heaven.”
When you are done hiking, clean out your sweat in the cool tide at Namtok Si Khit. The water flows from a 60-meter high cliff and goes on for another 12 kilometers on a stony terrain. What makes this waterfall even more special is that there is no moss or algae grown in the rocky bottom of the pool so accidents from sliding scarcely happen here.

Si Khit National Park
1 Phurin Waterfall
2 Sounprang Cave
3 Koram Cave
4 Kiriphupha Waterfall
5 Hindan Waterfall
6 Phaitong Waterfall
7 Wangsai Waterfall
8 Houymode Waterfall
9 Khaopabpha Cave
10 Sikhet Waterfall

By Car
1) From Nakhon Si Thammarat province, follow Highway No. 104 (Asia Road) to Surat Than for 69 kilometers until you reach the Ton Payom intersection. Take a right turn to Sichol district and continue for 1 kilometer, you will find a sign for Si Khit National Park on the left. Make a left and proceed for 15 kilometers, you will reach the destination.
2) From Surat Thani, follow Highway No. 401 for about 52 kilometers and take a right at the Khao Hua Chang T-section. Turn right and continue for 10 kilometers until you reach the park office.