Thai women are known to be beautiful, however specifically in Ratchaburi the ladies are known to be drop-dead gorgeous. If that is not a convincing enough reason to visit this western province, here are many more…

Ratchaburi is very close to Bangkok and even though it is highly recommended to stay longer, you can easily take a 1-day trip here. Its most popular attraction is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market where you can find everything from farm fresh fruits to hot-served meals and handmade gifts. If you visit other floating markets, there is a great possibility that you will see a market next to a canal or a river but Damnoen Saduak is not like that. The vendors here only present their goods to you from paddling boats and you can do your shopping either from the side of the canal or rent a boat to get the full experience.

The rich land in Ratchaburi does not give it only natural attractions like the famous Khao Chong Phran Bat Cave and the Bo Khlueng Hot Springs, but also wonderful clay making it famous for ceramic products especially the “dragon” rain jars. Tao Hong Tai, one of the oldest ceramics factories in the province, has adapted with the time and they are now modern making ceramics sculptures, furniture, and decorations blending creative art and cultural value together perfectly. Here you can enjoy walking around their gardens and showrooms while taking all the great photo opportunities that your friends will be jealous of.

For cultural travelers, Khanon Temple is your bet. Nang Yai, a high-class shadow puppet show inherited from the Ayutthaya era, is reserved here at this place. Overall, it should be safe to say that one day in Ratchaburi will give you all the flavors to add to your Thailand memories. Many tourists wish they stayed here longer, now what about you?


By Car

From Bangkok, use Highway No. 4 passing Bang Khae, Om Noi, Nakhon Chai Si, Nakhon Pathom to arrive in Ratchaburi.

By Bus

Bus number 76 from the Southern (Sai Tai Mai) Bus Terminal

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