Khao Ngu Rock Park
Khao Ngu Rock Park
Ko Phlab Phla, Mueang, Ratchaburi
Open Everyday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ratchaburi, a western province of Thailand, is known to be abundant in natural resources including clay that makes it famous for the Ratchaburi Dragon Rain Jars as well as many beautiful attractions like mountains and waterfalls. The Khao Ngu Rock Park is another place that offers a magnificent sight even though it was previously a quarry for quality limestone.
As the site became more and more deteriorated, the province’s governmental office realized its natural and historical importance so the quarry had to come to an end. The area then was developed as a park with valuable historical inheritance and a sylvan space for the relaxation of the visitors and local people. Moreover, this park is also a favorite spot of the macaques who will always be there to greet you like a welcoming host. If you are not scared of the monkeys, you can buy them food like corns and bananas from the vendors in the area.
Other than the large golden Buddha engraving on the mountain that seems to be the most iconic feature of this park, there are also caves that hold significant history about 100 meters above the ground – the Fa Tho, Rue Si Khao Ngu, and Jean – Jam caves. You have to climb many flights of stairs to reach these caverns but it is definitely worth it. The interesting Buddha images of different poses found here are believed to date back to the Dvaravati period.
Apart from the educational experience, there is also the Khao Ngu Adventure Park that provides the extreme excitement for adrenaline lovers. The activities include zip lining (Flying Fox), mountain climbing (Via Ferrata), Rope Bridge, kayaking, and ATV riding.

Khao Ngu Rock Park
Tham Rusi Khao Ngu

By Car
From Ratchaburi city center, follow Highway No. 3087 (Ratchaburi-Chom Bueng-Suan Phueng) in the northeast direction for 8 kilometers until you reach an intersection. Turn right and continue for 1 kilometer, the destination will be on the left.