Bang Kung Camp (Wat Bang Kung)
Bang Kung Camp (Wat Bang Kung)
Rong Heep, Bang Konthi, Samut Songkhram
Open Everyday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

When most people need to take a break to relax, they usually rely on the nature or a spiritual practice of some sort as they help calm and soothe the mind. Now imagine you can have both at the same time like when you are at Wat Bang Kung. Other than being a very significant historical place, it also offers a very dazzling “Unseen Thailand” site that you cannot miss.
Even though the fighting scene of a war and the usual peaceful atmosphere of a temple sit on two opposite ends, history tells us that they once merged together to defend Siam, leaving the remnants here at “Camp Bang Kung Temple” for us to appreciate today. This is the site of the first battle after the fall of Ayutthaya where King Taksin and his Thai and Chinese troop bravely protected the country and turned the tide of the war. The monument of King Taksin, the statues of warriors, and the camp wall replica are only what are left for us to learn the great story of the past.
The highlight of this temple is the Ubosot or the main ordination hall that is completely covered in 4 different kinds of sacred trees - Bodhi, Banyan, Bengal, and Indian fig. from distance, you will not be able to tell the structure of the building at all but as you step closer, you will be amazed by the creative masterpiece the nature has done. Furthermore a Hopea tree, another sacred plant, grows behind the Ubosot to add more magical feel to the air. Many locals claim they see the angel of this tree come out and walk around to guard the Ubosot often. They also suggest visiting the temple after midnight if you want to prove the fact.
To switch the mood, you can walk out to the pier across the road to feed the fish while enjoying the view of the Mae Khlong River. Otherwise, more animals are waiting for you at the Bang Kung Zoo located nearby making this whole area a favorite spot for people of all ages.

Bang Kung Camp (Wat Bang Kung)
1 Church Prok Pho
2 King Taksin Monument
3 Wat Bang Kung

By Car
From Samut Songkram city center follow Highway N0. 325 (Mae Khlong-Amphawa) for approximately 5 kilometers. Turn left to cross the bridge over the Mae Khlong River and proceed until you reach a T-junction where you will take a right turn. Proceed and cross another bridge over the Kwae Aom canal, you will see the Bang Kung Camp gate on the left hand side.