Bang Noi Floating Market
Bang Noi Floating Market
Kradangnga, Bang Konthi, Samut Songkhram
Open Saturday - Sunday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

It is undeniable that most people who visit the Amphawa area of Samut Songkhram province have the Amphawa Floating Market as the main destination in mind. However, the famous market is only open in the evening so if you are a day-tripper, Bang Noi Floating Market can offer a wonderful solution for you.
Even not as renowned as Amphawa, this riverside community is also more than 100 years old and used to be one of the main trading hubs of the area. It was successful back in the days because the produce sold was brought directly here in the boats by the farm owners nearby. But as the modernization era took over, this market has become less and less popular. Recently, it has been renovated by still keeping the architectural designs as well as the cultural heritage and promoted as a tourist attraction. You will see the modest way of life people still live on the river. Each house has a ladder that goes into the water for them to take a shower at night or to get into their boat to go somewhere. Plus, there is no convenience store or super market in this community; there are only old grocery stores that sell everything from toys to herbal medicine.
Bang Noi’s famous produce include freshly picked limes, coconuts, and pomelos. Moreover, the juice of the Spiny Bitter Gourd or Baby Jackfruit is also popular amongst tourist as it is very high in Lycopene, an antioxidant substance, and has more carotene content than carrots. Other than the unique sweet and sour taste, it can also keep you healthy and refreshed for the rest of the trip. Apart from that there are the one and only Je Renu’s Teochiu Roti in addition to the Mae Khlong tuna fried rice served in banana leave bowls.
Before the day ends, make sure to take a free rowboat service to Wat Sai, an old temple of over 400 years old, to appreciate the authentic art form and learn from the museum where many valuable antiques and artifacts are collected. There is also a wooden bridge across the river that you can use to go over to Wat Bang Kung, one of the first Unseen Thailand destinations.

Bang Noi Floating Market
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2 Bang Noi Floating Market
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By Car
Use Highway No. 35 (Rama II) to kilometer marker 63. Drive through Samut Songkhram city center and turn onto Highway No. 325 (Samut Songkhram-Bang Phae). Continue for approximately 6 kilometers then turn left onto the Amphawa-Bang Nok Khwaek road. Proceed for 5 kilometers, you will reach the Ko Kaew Temple where the parking area is.