Wat Chong Lom
Wat Chong Lom
Ban Prok, Mueang, Samut Songkhram
Open Everyday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

The faithful townsmen built Wat Chong Lom and invited Phra Kru Phuang to be the abbot in 1830. Since then, there have been many developments through the establishment of the new Ubosot, Viharn, sermon hall, as well as cubicles.
The most outstanding feature of Wat Chong Lom is the large image of Thailand’s famous pundit, Luang Pho Thuad, whom the Mae Khlong people highly revere. According to the legend, Luang Pho Thuad himself suggested the construction of his image in this temple by appearing in the abbot’s dream, making this temple one of the most renowned temples in Samut Songkhram. On the side of the elegant statue, there is a gorgeous Ubosot that enshrines Phra Phuttha Chinnarat and the sacred Buddha’s relics with jeweled murals, the art that cannot be found anywhere else in Thailand.
Another highlight is the wooden sermon hall that offers the charm of traditional architecture. However, it does not serve religious purposes anymore because the area is used to provide Thai massage for visitors instead. There is also the “3 Sibling Buddha Images” Viharn that houses the imitated images of Luang Pho Wat Khao Takrao, Luang Pho Sothon, and Luang Pho Wat Ban Laem, the 3 Buddha images that are believed to have traveled in the river and all found at a pier of each Wat or temple of their names.
Wat Chong Lom is another destination you should visit if you happen to be in the area or include to your trip to the Amphawa Floating Market.

Wat Chong Lom
1 Wat Chong Lom
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By Car
From the Mae Khlong city center, follow the sign for the King Rama II Memorial Park. Before reaching the Amphawa floating market intersection, look for a street sign for “Wat Chong Lom.”