Suphan Buri

The most colourful trip in Suphan Buri

It is unbelievable that driving only a few hours from Bangkok will get you to a much slow pace of life than the one in Bangkok. Through Suphan Buri flowsthe Suphan Buri River (Tha Chin River), and it has been amajor commercial centre for centuries. This is where both Thai and Chinese cultures and their ways of life are harmoniously mingled. The 100-year-oldmarket of Sam Chuk, a well-known commercial centre, is the evidence of such a claim. It conjures up images of a vibrant pastof once faded memory and lights up the spirit of antique and relic aficionados.

Suphan Buri region meets the where Phu Toei National Park,with its splendid North-like scenery, and Hup Khao Wong Reservoir and Kra Seaw Dam you will find inspiring and uplifting. There are more exhilaratingtrips in Suphan Buri that many people never experience, such as walking in Chaloem Phatthara Rachini Park andgazing at panoramic views of Suphan Buri from Banharn-Jamsai Tower in the centre of the city. Take a long breath, open your eyes and your mind, and you will experience a superb time in Suphan Buri.


By Car

From Bangkok, take the Western Outer Ring Road heading to the junction of Bang Bua ThongDistrict, Nonthaburi. Then turn onto Highway No. 340 and drive on for about 70 kilometres to Suphan Buri.

By Bus

The Transport Co., Ltd., offers normal buses (rot thamada) and air-conditioned buses (rot air) to Suphan Buri every day. For more information, contact the Transport Co., Ltd., call 1490, or check out

By Train

There are trains to Suphan Buri every day. You can check the train time table at, or call 1690.

Suphan Buri
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