Trang Railway Station Walking Street
Trang Railway Station Walking Street
Tab Tiang, Mueang, Trang
Open Friday - Sunday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

With the nickname “Chan Cha La Night Market,” do not be confused that the Trang Railway Station Walking Street is owned by a Chinese descent. Chan Cha La in Thai means “train station” which perfectly pinpoints the location of this walking street for visitors and makes it easy to find.
If you have been to Trang, you might realize it is a quiet little town that is still quite conservative. There are very few clubs and entertainment hubs for the nightlife compared to other beach towns like Pattaya or Phuket. Thus, the best activities to do at night are huddled together right here. Chan Cha La Night Market is the perfect place to mingle with the locals and try the flavorful southern food cooked at served right in front of you from street stalls. Trang’s famous crispy grilled pork, fish crackers, barbeque whole crap, hand-squeezed juices, Roti or fried pancakes topped with sweet condensed milk are only some of the musts.
The slogan of the market is “Watch, Eat, Shop” (believe us, it is punnier in Thai), Trang Railway Station Walking Street does not only offer just a fine dine. The vendors under these square red tents and soft yellow lights also sell antiques, handcraft products, creative souvenirs, as well as local merchandise. While shopping, you can let your mind rest by listening to the music or watching the performances put together by youth groups around the province.
Even though Trang breaks the stereotype of the “Thailand nightlife” or at least how it appears in the media, it still offers an experience that you cannot get from anywhere else in the world. Do not go to sleep when the town does because the Chan Cha La Night Market is where the fun is at.

Trang Railway Station Walking Street
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By Car
From the clock tower in Trang’s city center, follow the Rama VI Road toward the Trang Train Station. The market takes up several blocks in front of the station.