Thung khai botanic garden
Thung khai botanic garden
Thung Kai, Yan Ta Khao, Trang
Open Everyday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Peninsular Botanic Garden – Thung Khai or Thung Khai Botanic Garden is an important educational tourist attraction of the south as it is a large living museum for people to learn about tropical plants and nature. Don’t let anyone fool you that this is a boring place, Thung Khai is truly underappreciated for its beauty and value.
The area of this nature park covers 2,600 Rais (4.16 square kilometers) and is divided into smaller sections for easiness in management and maximizing visitors’ learning experience. For example, the Anukrom Vithan Garden collects only plants from southern Thailand while the Santhan Vithaya Garden is where you can study plant anatomy. Other than that, there are orchid garden, xerophytic garden, fern garden, insectivore garden, palm garden, dipterocarp garden, and medicinal garden,
Among many nature trails, the main highlight of this garden is the canopy walk way. It is the first and the only canopy walkway in Thailand with 175 meters length leading you into a lowland jungle, 3 levels of heights, five boardwalks, and 6 watchtowers. Along this exciting walk, you will get an endless view of treetops and an insight of how the nature around here has been before the industrialization. Another recommended trail is the Pa Pru trail which is 1.2 kilometers long. On this walk, you might be greeted by different kinds of birds, squirrels, tree shrews, and monkeys. From start to finish, it should take you no more than 30-45 minutes.

Thung khai botanic garden
1 Abbey canal transports
2 Guttiferae
3 Brush Herbal Students
4 Magnoliaceae
5 Arecaceae
6 Peat Swamp Forest

By Car
It is 10-12 kilometers south of the Trang city. Use Highway No. 404 (Trang-Palian) heading to Yan Ta Khao District. At the 11th kilometer marker, you will find the Peninsular Botanic Garden right on the main road.