Trat is the easternmost province of the country and known to be the “City of 50 Islands.” Even though there are 52 offshore islands under the governance of Trat in reality, it does not make any difference because all of them offer gorgeous scenery and unforgettable experiences for anyone who visits.

The most famous island of Trat would be Ko Chang, the 2nd largest island in Thailand after Phuket. Even visited by millions of tourists each year, Ko Chang and as well as nearby islands are still able to maintain the beautiful nature untouched granting them popular dive sites deep-sea lovers are crazy for. In addition, the bountiful Banthat mountain range gives Trat a wide area of pristine jungle with various types of vegetation, cliffs, caves, and magnificent waterfalls of different sizes.

If you wish to deeply get to learn the Thai lifestyle, there are homestay programs in local fruit orchards as well as fishing villages where you can spend the day observing and participating in daily life activities with the local people and stay with them overnight for the full experience. Otherwise you could stroll along the legendary Klong Bangphra and immerse yourself in the community on the side of the canal.

Once you sit down in front of your computer to start planning your Trat trip, being overwhelmed by the information is common and expected as tourist attractions in Trat are some the most popular destinations in Thailand. While reading some online reviews may help, all we can say to you is just come over. It will be worth it, we promise.


By Car

From Bangkok, use Highway No. 3 passing Samut Prakan, Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong, and Chanthaburi onto Trat. The total distance is 385 kilometers.

By Bus

Bus number 41 or 917 from the Eastern (Eakamai) Bus Terminal

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