Hat Ratchakarun
Hat Ratchakarun
Mai Rood, Khlong Yai, Trat
Open Everyday

Along with Hat Sai Nguen, Hat Mai Rood, and Hat Banchuen, Hat Ratchakarun is another isolated beach on Highway 318 from Trat to Khlong Yai District. Regardless of the clean water and the beautiful beach, this place is uncrowded most time of the year so you can certainly find a quiet scenic spot to relax by yourself or have a bonding time with family and friends.

Ratchakarun beach is under the care of Ratchakarun Thai Red Cross Association’s Khao Lan Center initiated by H.M. the Queen to help over 100,000 Cambodian refugees who suffered from their civil war in 1979. The Red Cross Center also features exhibitions of the Queen’s Royal Duties and the refugee camp as well as an herbal garden. Now it is open for conferences, youth camps, as well as tourists’ recreation with renovated accommodations and facilities. Ratchakarun essentially means the generosity of the Queen.

If you happen to book your trip between October and November, you could rent a boat from here for a jellyfish watching trip. Depending on the water temperature, these creatures will show up in different colors covering the whole water surface. It is quite a bizarre sight but unfortunately because of this, visitors are not suggested to swim in this area. These animals could cause damage from minor skin irritations which could be relieved by Goat’s Foot Creeper commonly found on the beach to major burns which will require professional treatments.

Once you check out and ready to head back, all the way from Hat Ratchakarun on Highway 318, there are several street vendors that sell fruits from local farms. Stop by to taste the juicy tropical produce and take home some with you. Traditionally-preserved fruits in sealed packages are usually available as well.

Hat Ratchakarun
1 Khao Lan
2 Sala Toon Klao
3 Sala Ratchakarun
4 Memorial
5 Khao Lan Lake
6 Sala Luang Por Daeng
7 San Chao Mae Khao Lan
8 King Taksin Monument

By Car
Follow Highway No. 3 (Sukhumvit) from Bangkok heading to Trat. When you reach the T-section before entering Trat, turn left onto Highway No. 318 heading to Khlong Yai District. The entrance to the beach and the Red Cross Center will be on the main road around the 48th kilometer marker.