Hat Banchuen
Hat Banchuen
Mai Rood, Khlong Yai, Trat
Open Everyday

More often than not, tourists visit Thailand for its beautiful beaches but often end up at a jam-packed spot where it is impossible to appreciate the gorgeous view Mother Nature has spent millenniums putting together. If you ever feel like that, Hat Banchuen is an ideal solution for you.
The reason for why this beach can give you the feeling of a private beach because it actually used to be one. Not too long ago in 1984, its generous former owner donated this breathtaking waterfront area to the government to help promote tourism in Trat province. The sand on Banchuen Beach is extremely white and delicate because it contains high content of silica, and the water is so clear that it will make you want to jump in as soon as you arrive.
Apart from the fine-grained sand, big blue sky, sparkly water, and no pollutions from banana boats and beach umbrellas, there is a nature trail nearby that allows you to learn about the beach forest. The highlight here is the exotic and famous insectivore plant, Nepenthes, also known as Tropical Pitcher Plant. This trail is perfect for changing the mood and taking a break from the sun. Or else, you can pick a restaurant to have some BBQ fresh seafood for lunch on the shore.
The name of the beach derives from a type of flower which means delightful florescence in Thai. We can guarantee that you will feel refreshed and ready to bloom like a flower again after you visit this beach, Banchuen.

Hat Banchuen
Maro River

By Car
Follow Highway No. 3 (Sukhumvit) from Bangkok heading to Trat; the total distance is approximately 315 kilometers. When you reach the T-section before entering Trat, turn left onto Highway No. 318 heading to Khlong Yai District. Between the kilometer markers 59 and 60, turn right and continue for 3 kilometers and you will reach the destination.